services: corporate transactions

Wang Kobayashi Austin, LLC helps companies navigate the employee benefits and executive compensation issues arising during mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcy proceedings and reorganizations, divestitures, and joint ventures.

Our attorneys have advised on the employee benefits and executive compensation issues in hundreds of transactions for private companies, public companies, and private equity funds.

Wang Kobayashi Austin provides counsel in corporate transactions involving:

  • Underfunded defined benefit plans
  • Multiemployer plan withdrawal liability
  • Code Section 409A
  • Golden parachute arrangements
  • Treatment of equity-based compensation
  • PBGC early warning program
  • COBRA obligations
  • Code Section 208G

Wang Kobayashi Austin also consults on post-closing matters, such as:

  • Qualified plan terminations
  • Plan mergers
  • Plan spin-offs and asset transfers
  • 401(k) plan loan transfers
  • Implementation and integration of employee benefits plans

Our attorneys have experience representing both employers and management teams. During buy-out transactions, acquisitions, and divestitures, we negotiate and draft new employment, severance, and retention agreements. We also advise clients on the drafting, design and implementation of employment, equity, and executive compensation agreements and arrangements in initial public offerings and spin-off transactions. WKA provides counsel on the employee benefit provisions in credit agreements.